2018 is Outdated; Remodel These in 2019

2018 is Outdated; Remodel These in 2019



A new year is a great time to start thinking about upgrades for your home. Styles come and go, so make sure your home is up to date, or at least not stuck in a time warp. Here’s 4 aspects of your home to consider in 2019:


Over-The-Stove Microwaves

Many builders will argue it was a great design look; however, in reality, these provide little to no room for vents, and the height of the microwave can be either too out of reach or too dangerous to get to if you’re cooking on the stove.

Instead of over the stove, consider under the cabinet microwaves. If you mount it to the upper cabinets, you still get to preserve the counter space (which is always a positive selling point).


The Color Gray

2019 is so over the gray color scheme. Sure, gray is an easy color to pair accent colors with and often left rooms with a “fresh, clean” look. Yet, with the new year, designers are opting for a warmer color scheme—think neutral sand tones. To get ahead of the crowd this year, consider kicking off the new year with a painting party!


Industrial Kitchens

The industrial look has got to go. It’s been outdated for a few years now according to most interior designers; however, some places are still using it as a selling point. Exposed pipes and beams don’t give buyers the “homey” vibe. Instead, change cabinets to a dark woodwork, go dark for countertops, or opt for soft golds (like champagne) for hardware.


Gallery Walls

They were great while they lasted. It was always fun to walk into new homes to see family photos displayed differently or be able to walk down a hallway and watch the children grow through pictures. But alas, the these gallery walls are outdated. They’ve been known to make the room appear cluttered, too busy, and overwhelming. Because of these, gallery walls fail to capture the viewer’s attention and many times is overlooked. In 2019, trade out those little frames for one large frame to really make a statement. Opt for a large family photo, or choose a different piece of artwork all-together (watercolor paintings are a good option!).


What are your renovation plans for the upcoming year? Send us a message, we’d love to hear your style tips!