3 Reasons to Renovate in the Spring

3 Reasons to Renovate in the Spring



Springtime is here and while summer if just around the corner, the perfect time to start your home renovations is NOW! If you’re undecided on when to begin your projects, here’s some incentive to start this weekend:


Warmer Weather = Open Windows

Spring brings warmer weather and with that comes many positives for remodels. Renovating floors, drywall, and just about anything brings up so much dust, fumes, and more. Because of the weather, you’re able to open doors and windows to make the air more breathable. Additionally, it’s no secret how hot our Florida summers become…save yourself from the heat and start early!


More Sunlight = Longer Hours

We have more daylight in the spring than winter months! Seven o’clock in the morning no longer feels so early when the sun is out and shining bright. Longer daylight hours allows you more time to work on projects.


Summer Relaxation

Have you ever felt the need to take a vacation after coming back from a vacation? Well, if you use your summer months to remodel your home you won’t have the summertime to enjoy your hard labor efforts. Getting a headstart on remodels in the springtime will allow you to entertain guests in your new kitchen or have BBQs out back in your fresh landscaped yard.


Have you been on the fence about which home renovation projects you want to tackle and when to start? Call us up and we’ll be happy to talk you through them.