4 Ways To Update Your Fireplace

4 Ways To Update Your Fireplace



Fireplaces are typically the focal point of a room. They draw attention and often set the mood for the space. It’s important that your fireplace communicates the design of your family clearly. If you’re thinking you’re overdue for a change, keep reading!


Update Brick

Brick can easily look outdated…mainly because fireplaces were first built using all red brick. If you’re looking for a more modern feel but wanting to keep your brick, try painting. Changing the typical red brick to white will not only give it more of a whitewashed / farmhouse look but it is also one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to update your fireplace.


Add in Tile

In an attempt to get rid of the brick, opt for a more modern look by updating to tile. Putting in large marble tiles will surely wow your buyers. It brings a different feel to the entire room! With tile it’s easy to give more of a retro vibe by using a loud pattern or pastel color, yet you can also modernize the look by using large, neutral colored tiles.


Create Built-Ins

Surrounding the fireplace with built in bookshelves on either sides will inevitably change how your fireplace looks. If you already have a large fireplace and want to keep it as the focal, consider adding only a few shelves on either side. If you’re trying to bring the eye to the entire wall rather than just the fireplace, consider adding in floor to ceiling shelves. Bonus: you have more space to decorate!


Enlarge the Mantel

Sometimes you just need more. Enlarging the mantel will help define the structure of the fireplace as well as give more texture. Consider using a large wooden beam to really make the space pop!


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