Basics of Lighting

Basics of Lighting



A great way to revamp your home in a subtle way is to tackle the lighting fixtures. Here’s a few points to consider when changing out the old for the new:


Types of Light

Task: This is fixed light focused more on a specific area of the room. Think floor lamps for reading and desk lamps for working.

Ambient: Light for all-over the room. This includes most ceiling lighting and lamps which have a large shade that allow light to cover all areas of the room.

Accent: Accent lighting is primarily used to showcase specific architectural designs within the house or artwork. Perfect lighting to use on shelves or fireplace mantels!


Types of Light Bulb

LED: The most bang for your buck. These bulbs create a lot of light and are long lasting while using little energy.

Compact Fluorescent: These are quick to light up as soon as they are turned on, show a warmer light, and are less expensive than LEDs.


These are just two different types of light bulbs, but they are some of the most popular ones. Consider switching your bulbs to either of these in your revamp!


Design Touches

Dimmers, chandeliers, and more! There are so many ways to play with the lighting in your house and each is a statement to your style. We really like dimmer switches because it allows your room to be extremely versatile. Low lighting is perfect for early mornings and late nights while bright lighting is great for cleaning and everyday use. String lighting is also popular for back porches and creates the perfect relaxed feeling.


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