Fix 2 Flip

Whether you are new to the real estate market or have years of experience as a seasoned pro, Bartlett Construction Management can turn your next investment project into a walk in the park. Our team of on-staff construction management professionals has decades of training in Florida’s lucrative market of residential housing flips. We have developed an assembly line approach to reduce costs, improve the quality of finishes, and cut renovation times in half.

In this financial market, it is very important to understand the “time value of money.” Yes, those handyman contractors can offer an initial low price, but they can also take six months to complete, doubling the contract value in change orders. If you stand to make $10K on a flip and we complete one property a month, you would gross $120K in the year. Don’t try and save $2K per house by going with a handyman who completes two projects a year. Trying to save $2K on one project will cost you $100K per annum.

BCM’s Fix 2 Flip system provides an honest, upfront estimate of project costs. Our proposal process offers an a la carte type of proposal, so you can manage the renovation budget as needed for your investment project numbers. Our team has completed over 600 renovations for investors in big cities like Tampa and Jacksonville and smaller communities like Lutz, Largo, Holiday, and Trinity.

No project is too big or too small.

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