Instant Equity Retirement Properties

Many people look to the Florida market for retirement homes. Who wouldn’t appreciate all the amenities cities like Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and Westchase offer, with beaches, lakes, resorts, restaurants, bars, fishing, cultural activities, and more? Rather than sell everything you own to afford a large mortgage, invest in an equity position with the help of Bartlett Construction Management.

Consider these two stories, each beginning with the tragic unexpected death of the family elders:

Family A put a lot of money down on a home and paid top market value, holding a large mortgage with big monthly payments. Upon the elders’ untimely death, the family’s heirs were left to sell off the home to avoid the impossible task of affording two mortgages on 1 family income.

Family B bought a home that needed considerable work. Upon the elders’ passing, they left their heirs with a home that had $50K in equity. The heirs then sold the property and collected the equity value.

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