Increase Your ROI Through Bathroom Renovations

Increase Your ROI Through Bathroom Renovations



Bathrooms are SO IMPORTANT to home buyers. People are always obsessing over whether the home has the correct number of bathrooms and whether or not the space is up to par. If a house is lacking an extra bathroom or if the current bathrooms appear to need updating, this can be a total turn off to potential buyers. While yes, bathroom renovations can be expensive, follow these 3 renovation tips in order to recoup the majority of your remodeling costs:



We’ve all walked into a bathroom and wondered why the designer chose to put the toilet in the middle of the room or why there is simply no counter space in a master bath. When it comes to bathroom renovations, first ask if the space is functional. If the answer is no, put that at the top of your list to remodel. Your buyers will be so happy, and so will your wallet!


Neutral Tones

Bathrooms don’t need dramatic flair. The last thing people will want to look at in a newly renovated space is to see a bright paint color they know will have to go as soon as they move in. Keep neutral tones for both paint colors and tile colors in order to give your bathroom a modern, updated look that is sure to please all different tastes for your potential buyers.



Hardware is one of the easiest upgrades you can give your bathroom. Buyers will surely notice if you’ve updated all the big ticket items (tile, countertop, etc.) yet chose to forgo the smaller details like the hardware. Replace the outdated faucet, towel bars, and maybe even spruce up the light fixtures!


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