Living Room Renovation Tips

Living Room Renovation Tips

Living rooms are perfect for gathering. They were created for family game nights, movie watching, intentional quality time. Is your living room living up to its potential? Maybe it’s time to rethink a few ideas. These 3 projects are sure to improve your living space, increase your return on investment, and create some wonderful memories.



Please tell us you home is not stuck in the 70s with any shag carpet. If so, this needs to go ASAP. Opt for hardwood flooring! There’s many styles you can choose from: solid, engineered, finished, unfinished, etc. Talk a flooring specialist to see which style will fit your space the best and be the most cost effective for you. If carpet has given you more of a “cozy” feel to your living room and you’re afraid hardwood floors will be a harsh transition: fear not. Adding in a rug is a great option to give texture to the space and bring in those comfortable vibes.


Expand Your Space

Look at the layout of your home. Is it working for your family? Do you have an option concept living dining room? Do you want one? First, please consult a professional to see if the walls you’d like to tear down are load-bearing walls. If given the green light, knock that wall down and extend your living space! This gives you room to rearrange your layout, upgrade to a larger sofa sectional, or add more seating. Creating open concept living spaces changes the functionality of your home to be more inclusive, more family focused.


Update Windows

This update has multiple benefits, you really can’t go wrong here. New windows help cut costs on your heating bill by increasing the energy efficiency, provide more natural light to the room, and allow for more creative design opportunities (time to pick out curtains!). If you’re seeking more light, adding windows or increasing the size of your windows will be a game changer. Adding curtains to the space will give more texture and is an invitation for you to play up your color scheme.


Were you planning on updating your living room soon? Which of these tips will you put to use? We love to hear feedback!