Maximize Your Side Yard

Maximize Your Side Yard



Side yards, they can be tricky. Sometimes you have a small space and sometimes you have so much space it’s hard to dedicate a specific purpose towards it. If you’re in need of some ideas for your yard, try one of these options out:



Sitting Area

Maybe you already have a deck with some space for entertaining, which is great! However, a side yard is the perfect space for a more intentional sitting area. Consider a fire pit with surrounding seats or an outdoor dining table. Let this be your outdoor retreat space. A place to relax, read a good book, or catch up with a loved one.



Grow some vegetables, plant some greenery, add a water feature, make your side yard your zen spot. This is a great option for both large and small spaces. You can even add in a path to walk through from your front yard or a small bench. These small touches create an unexpected addition to your property that buyers will appreciate.


Game Area

Need an spot dedicated for kids or larger games? Set up your horseshoes, dart board, ladder golf, putting green, any type of game you want in this space. For children, it will encourage them to keep their toys in a specific space, which in theory will also make tidying up easier.


Pet Play Area

Give your furry friend the space of their dreams! Adding in a dog run will benefit your pup by giving them their own “safe space” to retreat to when the kids are too much and they need a break. Additionally, you can even train your dog to use a part of their new space for relief. No more walking on eggshells through the whole yard in fear of stepping on an unwanted present!


Maximizing all parts of your yard will open the eyes of your buyer and increase the value of your home. What other ways do you utilize your side yard?