Refinishing Hardwood Floors 101

Refinishing Hardwood Floors 101

Hardwood flooring will never go out of style. It’s one of the most wanted items on a buyer’s wishlist! If you already have some in your home and it needs to be refinished, follow these easy steps.


Step 1: Clear the room

In order to refinish the floors, you need a cleared room. Move all furniture and rugs to other areas of the house and vacuum/sweep the floor.


Step 2: Buff the floor

First, start around going around the edges of the room with sandpaper. This requires some old fashioned hard work, yet it’s the best way to get into all those small spaces. Next, use a buffer and do the entire floor. Go with the grain, and remember to put on a mask so you’re not breathing in all those particles floating in the air.


Step 3: Vacuum again

Buffing the floor gets the top layer of wood ready but sometimes it can leave some pieces behind. In order to make sure your floor is clear of all debris, vacuum the room one more time.


Step 4: Apply wax/poly/finish

Just as with buffing the floor, start around the edges first. The best way to do this is to use a paint brush. For everything else, apply your finish of choice using a paint roller with a long handle. Only pour out as much as you can spread within 10 minutes! Make sure to spread with the grain first, then spread across the grain. Make sure to overlap between pours to get everything covered. Make sure to check the dry times on your product before applying a second coat.


Step 5: Move furniture back

Let the floors completely dry before moving all your belongings back into the room. Suggested wait time is a few days – a week depending on how much time you can give.


NOTE: While these are general steps, each home and each flooring is different. If you would like an extra set of eyes, please give us a call! We’d be happy to help you out or do the work for you.