Stepping Up Your Curb Appeal

Stepping Up Your Curb Appeal



First impressions matter. As a homeowner who is preparing to sell, you want the potential buyer to be wowed before even stepping inside. Tackle these 5 areas to improve your curb appeal.


Front Door & Windows

The path to the front door needs to be cleared from all debris and easily walkable in all types of weather. The front patio area should be inviting. Think about decorating the space according to the season (i.e. seasonal wreaths/flowers) and even include a small sitting area. Windows should have curtains open and blinds open as this portrays the open/welcomeness of the home to buyers.



It’s common for people to run when they hear the word “landscaping” due to expenses. Good news for you, it doesn’t have to cost much to entice your buyer from the curb! The yard needs to be clean of all clutter: leaves, children’s toys, etc. Make sure the lawn is mowed. This is so simple and easy yet makes all the difference! Consider adding some color to your yard. Small flower pots are quick to plant and the effort doesn’t go unnoticed.



Do you have any shingles missing? Are your gutters overflowing? You may not think about this area of your home often, but buyers will definitely notice if things are out of place and all they’ll be able to think about is the time and money it takes to fix the issue.


Street Numbers

Have you ever been looking for a house only to have your GPS say “You have arrived.” and yet you’re unable to locate the exact home you’re supposed to be at? It can be frustrating. Your house numbers should be posted clearly onto your home and near an outdoor light so that they are always easily legible. It’s a great idea to add them to your mailbox if you have one in front of your home as well.


Pavement/Walk Paths

Check your driveway and note if there are any cracks in the pavement. Are they easy to fix with a bit of cement that you can do yourself? Is the path to your front door safe and free of tripping hazards? Paved areas are important to buyers, make sure yours are up to par.


What do you notice first about a property? We’d love to hear your opinion!