The Best Design for a Child’s Room

The Best Design for a Child’s Room

Unlike master bedrooms or guest bedrooms which function as a retreat space, children’s rooms are supposed to encompass creativity and fun while keeping items organized. If you’re a parent who’s having difficulty bringing structure and balance to your child’s space, give the room a makeover!


Bunk Beds / Lofted Beds

These types of beds have so many perks. They are space savers as well as every child’s dream. It’s fun for kids to sleep in a bed so high off the ground…and they make the best areas to build blanket forts! However on a more practical level, these beds free up space in your child’s room which allow for desk space underneath lofted beds or small desks by a wall that normally would have been occupied by a bed.


Chalkboard Paint

Time to let their little imaginations flow! Adding chalkboard paint to either an entire wall or just the bottom half of one of the walls will be a great opportunity for your children. They can use this space to draw or even practice school work such as writing letters and numbers. It’s the best of both worlds!


Craft Station

By creating a space for crafts within your child’s room, you are able to free up space in your house (like the living room or dining room). There are many ways to organize this creative space, but make sure to keep markers, glue, and scissors out of the reach of unsupervised, small children.


Toy Bin

To contain the toys in one area, designate a space within the child’s room. This can be done through bookshelves with bins or even an empty dresser. Utilize wall space for shelves and keep the well-sought-after toys within your child’s reach so that the can grab them AND put them away when playtime is over.


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